Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Going Native in Tenerife – a different perspective

One of the many ‘different from the usual guidebook’ features of the Going Native series is that the publishers encourage authors to include short anecdotal articles and quotes from other people. Travel guides, except the ones which are mind numbingly bland, by their very nature tend to reflect the voice of their author, in this case, authors, so the occasional snippet written by someone else adds a different voice and occasionally varying opinions to the main tone of the guide.

We were pleasantly surprised with the positive response to our request for anecdotes/short articles from various people, with very diverse interests and experience, around the island, a couple of whom we’d never met, spoken to, or even communicated with in cyberspace previously.

It’s a great addition to the book to be able to include interesting and very entertaining anecdotes from people like Colin Kirby (freelance writer and passionate CD Tenerife fan); Julie Hume (webmaster of etenerife); Gary Rosson (aka Cyberhiker - walking guide); Aguilas (Tripadvisor destination expert for Tenerife); Dr Leslie Brown (scientist and organiser of guided cycling tours on Tenerife); and Joe Cawley (travel writer and author of More Ketchup than Salsa).

Their contributions and insights into life on Tenerife are just another feature of what makes Going Native in Tenerife different from other travel guidebooks.

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