Friday, 27 February 2009

Going Native at Tenerife Carnaval 'Photo of the Day' #5

Thursday night's a quiet night at Carnaval in Puerto de la Cruz. It gives everyone a chance to recover a bit before the big closing weekend. The best food stall in the world keeps the few die hards who are about fed and watered with juggernaut sized montaditos, topped with neat rows of chorizos, tortilla, Italian peppers etc and glasses of cerveza and vino tinto.

At various points, the stall can resemble one of the bars in the Star Wars movies with some very, very strange looking clientele.

Tomorrow it's the turn of the 'big girls'.

Find out more about how to 'Go Native' at Carnaval and other fiestas on Tenerife in 'Going Native in Tenerife'.

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