Monday, 11 May 2009

A Day Going Native in Tenerife Part 1 – The New…

Last Thursday I experienced one of those uniquely Tinerfeño days when the island showed me a few of its many faces.

I’d travelled south for a few meetings and by mid morning had already spent time in Los Cristianos and Playa de las América and was heading for my final meeting in Puerto Colón. Puerto Colón is a nightmare for parking, but I got lucky as I cruised along the narrow dead end road which runs parallel to the beach. Unsure as to whether I was illegally parked or not (there were no yellow lines, but a policeman was taking notes of number plates further along the beach) I spent as little time as possible dropping off a small supply of Going Native in Tenerife guidebooks with Ted, the owner of The Bookswap in the Marina in Puerto Colón.

Playa la Pinta at Puerto Colón is quite an attractive little beach, book-ended at one end by the marina and a mock fortress at the other, but strolling along the path above the beach I was swamped by PR guys asking if I fancied a pint. They did this even though I was dressed, inappropriately considering it was 26+ degrees, in a shirt, long black trousers and was carrying a folder - not exactly the get up of a holiday maker enjoying a day at the beach. I know these guys are only doing a job, but their attentions can be a bit overwhelming.

It was lunchtime by the time I left the Bookswap. I had planned to pick up a bocadillo at the first place that sold them, but the constant verbal assault by the PR guys was so claustrophobic I decided to stop at one of the villages on way home instead and hot footed it out of there.

The remake of Clash of the Titans is about to start filming in Tenerife and I wanted to have a look at the movie set in the Mount Teide crater, so whereas I’d taken the motorway to get to the south, I opted for the scenic route back to Puerto de la Cruz; up and over the middle of the island. Almost as soon as I left the TF1 motorway to head up the hill past Chayofa toward Arona, Vilaflor and then Mount Teide, I felt as though I'd arrived on a different island; one where the pace of life dropped a couple of gears...

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